When Luck = Opportunity

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A business lesson.....Vince Lombardi said, "When a prepared man meets opportunity others call it luck."

Two years ago, I decided to start a business where I couldn't hear the customer say no.....I would only hear the yes's!  

Wouldn't you like that?

So, it had to be an internet business, right? Since my background is building a retail fine jewelry business with locations in California and Arizona, I decided it would be in jewelry....and business trend pundits say make it a niche, so I chose exclusively hoop earrings.

The site features 1500 different styles of hoop earrings.....I call it LooptyHoops.  Even after two years, it's still a thrill to see the notice pop up on my phone screen when an order has been placed.  I'm sure you can relate.

But wait, here comes the luck....

We were chosen by Coastal Living Magazine to be featured in their November 2013 issue, which actually was distributed in mid-October.  A magazine representative found our site and reached out to me. It was an honor and a thrill to be featured.

The hoops Coastal Living chose to feature are ourSimple Silver Tube Hoops which are simple hoops that can be worn for practically any occasion! They are inexpensive, $31, but the cool thing is that their readership is a higher income person so most of the orders have come in with multiple pairs of hoops chosen!

Our new customers have also given us some great feedback which I copied below.

In business, sometimes all the hard work at marketing ends up resulting in a "piece of luck," doesn't it?  We didn't solicit Coastal Living, they found us on the web and when I asked them why they chose us over all the other companies that are there, they said they like to choose companies who they think can benefit from the exposure.  And we did!

We are grateful that LooptyHoops has been given this terrific opportunity....and it has taught us to reach out to other magazines who might find value in featuring our hoops in an article like Coastal Living did.

In your business, were there "pieces of luck" that fell out of the sky that seemed random after your other seemingly unrelated hard work ?

Today in my email inbox, a sales trainer and Vistage speaker, Chuck Reaves, shared the quote from Lombardi that I noted above....thought I would share it with you....

Warmest regards to you this holiday season,


P.S. We are also offering a Concierge Gift Service to send wrapped hoop earring gifts to out of town people on our customers' Christmas lists....what do you think of that?

P.P.S. Here's what some of the Coastal Living readers/now LooptyHoops customers had to say:

"I'm getting spoiled by all the wonderful attention.....Thanks for all of the extra touches from your online boutique."  Carol J, Longboat Key, FL

"Yes, love Coastal and I've been looking to replace a long lost pair....Can't wait to wear them."  Lucia B, Bakersfield, CA

Many readers chose additional hoops after visiting our site:  "I have been looking for heart shaped hoops for a long time...I just got my earrings this morning and they are gorgeous!!!  I know they will be worn a lot and they are the perfect size for a small framed person like myself.  I appreciate the personal note you sent and wish you great success!! I know I will order again because this was a great experience!!!" Missy S, Franklin Grove, IL

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