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  • How to Quickly Clean Tarnished Silver

    Quick Tip to Clean Tarnished Jewelry


    1. First start by gathering these essentials

    • Pot
    • Some water
    • Some salt
    • A piece of aluminum
    • Pair of Tongs or similar 

    2. Add about two teaspoons of salt to the water.

    3. Sink the aluminum foil into the water.

    4. Use a pair of tongs to completely submerge the jewelry into the hot salt water, results will appear instantly.

    5. Take it out, rinse under tap water, good as new! No scrubbing, no mess!

    Like Magic?! Not Quite, like Science!!

    The REASON:

    When salt, aluminum foil and water are combined they create a chemical reaction known as ion exchange. In this process, the tarnishing on the silver is transferred to the foil. In fact, if your silver is tarnished enough you'll actually see brown tarnish on the aluminum! foil.

    Also, to keep your silver from re-tarnishing, add a piece of regular old chalk to your container/ jewelry box . It absorbs the moisture/ humidity that is causing the problem in the first place!

    Have you tried this trick? Has it worked well for you?

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