Continuous Endless Hoops: The Perfect Accessory for ANY Occasion!

Posted by Susan Smith on

It’s funny that when you start a business thinking it’s going to go one way and your customers take you another!


We built LooptyHoops to offer over 1000 different styles of hoop earrings and yet, what have our customers been finding us for? Endless or continuous hoop know, the ones that have no click down clasp or post and backing to attach to your ear. The ones where the post easily goes through your ear and then slips into a hollow tube of the hoop in the back of your ear lobe --- giving the appearance of an endless hoop.


We have endless hoops in silver, yellow and white gold, from teeny weeny (10mm or 1/3 inch, good only for cartilage piercing or infant ears) all the way to 3 inches in diameter.


We’ve been fortunate to come up on the first pages of search for these terms and therefore we are “meeting new people” all across the country as they order these hoops.


So we decided to make a collection of them and put them on our home page. You can find it here.


The nice thing about the endless hoops is that you can put them in and forget about them. I have friends who wear small ones (less than an inch) and leave them in for days. Other friends love wearing mid to large size when they are traveling....they’re easy and lightweight. And then plenty of people wear them as a wonderfully simple and classic accessory for everyday professional or dress up wear. They are truly versatile!


Review our selection....see if there are any you need to supplement your hoop earring wardrobe in a variety of sizes and metals.

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