Celebrity Sightings- Hayden Panettiere in Hoop Earrings!

Posted by Susan Smith on

Who remembers Hayden Panettiere’s role as Claire Bennet from NBC’s “Heroes”, or the popular catchphrase regarding her character, “Save the cheerleader, save the world”? Now, Panettiere is known for her leading role in the hit show “Nashville”.

In the midst of changing shows and changing roles, this woman still knows how to keep up her appearance by sporting these huge gold hoops which accentuate her face in a way that brings more attention to her bright green eyes.

At LooptyHoops we know that all women have busy lives to manage but have the time to dress up your wardrobe by adding a pair of hoops!

Getting dressed, applying makeup, and doing your hair may all be tedious processes, but adding a pair of hoops to your ears takes hardly any time at all! 



P.S. At LooptyHoops, we have a wide selection of large gold hoops similar to the ones Hayden Panettiere is wearing!

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