How would a gift of flowers feel to you?

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Recently, I was in Trader Joe's waiting in line to pay for my cartful of groceries, when suddenly the cashier asked me if I would trade places with the woman behind me. She said, "She only has three items and it will be really fast." I was a little surprised she asked me but I thought, what the heck, I'm not in a big rush (for a change).

When my cashier was checking me out she called to someone on the intercom and gave a code number.  I thought maybe she was getting a price check.  Instead, a fellow employee came up with a bouquet of cut flowers and then the cashier handed them to me!

"Thanks for switching in line with my other customer," she said.


That was cool!

I was given a gift of flowers that I enjoyed for over a week in my home.  Every time I passed them, I thought how a small, inexpensive gesture like that cashier did, made me feel appreciated and valued.  

To be acknowledged and to feel valued....I believe those are two human desires.  

I've always loved Trader Joe's and now her efforts of special customer service helped to cement my feelings.

So it makes me wonder.....what experiences have you had that left you satisfied with a company? What is good customer service to you?



P.S. Even the smallest gesture can go a long way; it can entice new customers to come back and cement the relationship with existing customers feeling appreciated and valued.

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