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Okay, so I'm walking through Macy's in Florida with my girlfriend (it could have been any department store, really) and I glance at their hoop earring selection and besides being dismayed by the haphazard, rather sloppy way they were being displayed, I was shocked at the prices!  So I had to snap a photo of them to share with you.

I remember when I started in the fine jewelry business in 1980, shortly afterwards there was a letter written by a major department store to the editor of one of our jewelry trade magazines and this person actually laid out the department store's alarming pricing strategy.....mark it up real high so they can give 50% off and still make good margins!

I think, in general, the public realizes this is happening, yet people still seem drawn to 50% off sales.  

At LooptyHoops, we decided to offer one low price.  See below for some basic comparisons. 



At Macy’s these square white gold hoops in the photo above, bottom right, are $350.  At LooptyHoops, you can find two very similar sizes for $99 and $127 here. The Macy’s round one for $700 shown in the center of the photo is 4mm x 27mm (see it on the tag?) and we have one 4mm x 29mm for $184 here!

These Rose Gold Small Hoops (shown center right in photo way above) are $350 at Macy’s and here are some that we carry that are larger, over an inch in diameter and only $164.  Rose gold hoops priced at $116 can be found here and a another rose gold style for $131 here. The warmth of rose gold - mmmm!

These classic 14k yellow gold hoops are $550 at Macy’s (shown at bottom of photo above). You can find these 14k gold hoops at our site for $165 - $249. They are 1 to 1 1/3 inch in diameter with 3mm tube size. These gorgeous hoops can be worn for any occasion and never go out of style.

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