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Check this email out that I received from a client who had purchased from LooptyHoops the past two years for Christmas: 

Hi Susan! 
I could use some help. I get lost in your website which is on me not your website! A little daunting for me since they most all look good to my eyes. Also, I may be looking at the ones I already bought since I tend to have my favorites. I am buying for my daughter and my daughter in law. Assuming you’re willing to give me some guidance, let me describe them. 
My daughter, Taylor (name changed) is fair and has honey brown hair. Her face is smaller and she tends to wear smaller earrings. She’s mostly very casual and comfortable in jeans, etc. but she can bring the WOW when she wants to and carries it off well. She’s a nurse so she’s not wearing jewelry to work, just other times when she and her husband go out to dinner, family events, business related functions, or Steelers games. Eye color is blue. 
Kristin (name also changed), my daughter in law, is vivacious and outgoing with a big smile and a larger face who can and will wear larger earrings however she’s a mother of two and curious hands start pulling anything within reach! She’s an excellent mother and defines that partly by rarely breaking the bond so she’s mostly with a 2 year old and a 4 month old gladly but intimately. This will define her state of affairs for some time. Occasionally, we or her parents will watch the girls and Krisitin and John (name also changed) will go to dinner sans children. Dark hair and brown eyes, athletic and very active (still enjoys playing volleyball in a league and takes the children). 
I’d like to keep the costs somewhere in the $100 to $150 range per daughter. 
Can you help? 

I love these kind of requests! I sent this client back four choices for each daughter, complete with the hoop image right in the email along with the price, the link, and a brief description. He could then link to the site and read even more details about each choice there. The first two hoops he chose are below, and the one at the end is another suggestion I gave him. 


P.S. Remember, we can send your gift to your recipient for you, no charge. Just tell us when you check out what you want the handwritten note from you to say and we'll write it, too!



Yellow Gold Oval Hoops, Length: 21mm, 29mm Width: 2mm

I suggested these for my client's daughter, Taylor. With a swooping silhouette and varying thickness, these pristine tapered oval hoops in 14k yellow gold are an instant classic. Simple enough to be worn every day, these hoops will also make a beautiful statement when worn on any special occasion. 
Medium Satin & Diamond Cut Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings- Length:  40mm, 45mm and 50mm Width: 4mm
Out of the choices for my client's daughter-in-law, he chose these perfect everyday hoops, Medium Satin & Diamond Cut Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings because they will go with everything in her closet. Their sleek diamond-cut style will go well with her vivacious personality.
Twisted Taffy Polished Yellow Gold Medium Hoop Earrings- Length:  19mm, 25mm, 29mm Width: 3mm
This was another choice I gave my client.  What do you think of them? Look ravishing in these strikingly beautiful 14k white gold twisted hoop earrings. They look fluid like a taffy pull! The simple design of these beauties are guaranteed to look perfect with almost anything, yet are far from boring.

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