How do you wear diamond studs but have a bigger look?

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As women, we love diversity which makes things hard when we are picking out the right earring for the day. After all, there are many different earrings to choose from nowadays.

No need to choose between your favorite hoops and your favorite pair of diamond studs anymore! At LooptyHoops, earring jackets are available, which are hoops where you can insert a stud at the top of the hoop through the open hole.

You may be thinking that you need to have two piercings on your ear to have this look, but you don't which is one of the perks to earring jackets. Since you are putting the stud through at the top, it all connects at that one point! 


P.S. Below are some earring jackets that we have at LooptyHoops which show how both styles of earrings join together!
If, instead, you need diamond studs, send me an email....on the side, I broker diamond studs for 20% above wholesale cost.


Scalloped Hoop Earring Jackets 14k White Gold- Length: 21mm, Width: 6mm

Give your "plain ole" studs a stylish kick. Transform them into gorgeous hoops with our classically designed Scalloped 3D Earring Jackets in 14k White Gold. These earring jackets will work with any pair of diamond or gemstone studs. Also available in 14k yellow gold
Polished Hoop Earring Jacket with CZ Stud 14k Yellow Gold-  Length: 24mm, Width: 3mm
Try a new look with these Polished Hoop Earring Jackets in 14k Yellow Gold. This set has two hoop earrings jackets and two cubic zirconia studs (included) for a complete ensemble. Interchange with your studs, too! What a unique take on an old classic! Also available in white gold.
Hammered Hoop Earring Jackets 14k White Gold- Length: 21mm, Width: 5.50mm
These seductive earring jackets will add luscious versatility to any pair of diamond or gemstone stud earrings. Their hammered texture and 3D shape will spice up your favorite pair of studs. Catching the light from across the room, these hammered hoop earring jackets are a gorgeous accessory!

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