Anne Hathaway in the film One Day with Fabulous Hoop Earrings

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Hoop earrings abound in Lone Scherfig's film One Day (2011), starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. In this touching romantic drama, Anne Hathaway's character Emma expresses her style through various hoops of sizes and materials. We couldn't help but notice, and decided to make a quick cheat sheet of earrings similar to those in the movie.

1 . Though here Anne's face is pensive, her medium 14 yellow gold hoop earrings help perfectly frame her face, along with her long bangs and updo hair style. Our choice: a pair of thick 14k yellow gold endless hoop earrings. Featuring a 2mm wide tube, they are sure make a bold statement.




2. Anne is looking particularly seductive here, with her wet slicked back hair and large silver hoops.The dazzle of the night light combined with the rippling water makes her earrings sparkle! Our choice: a pair of elegant satin diamond cut sterling silver hoop earrings. With sizes of 55mm and 60mm, they are sure to catch the light beautifully.



3. In this touching scene between Anne's character Emma and Dexter (her love interest), she couldn't look more stunning. Those perfectly sized 14k white gold hoops are both elegant and fashionable. Our choice: a pair of chic 14k white gold continuous hoop earrings.  Ranging in sizes from 13mm to 23mm, they are a perfect size for a very stylish look.




Click on any of the corresponding images to get a pair for yourself today!


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