The Amazing Versatility of Hoop Earrings

Posted by Ethan Smith on

If you think that hoop earrings apply only to certain styles, looks, cultures, or stereotypes, think again!  Hoop earrings fit every into every sub-culture and style, every lifestyle, and can be worn in any setting on any day. Take a look at the photos below to get a sense of just how versatile hoop earrings are and how many different ways they can be used to enhance and accessorize your look.

She may not be outfitted like a track star, but this girl certainly knows how to put a look together. The belted dress with the black leggings is perfectly accessorized with her black hoops and over-sized sunglasses.

This girl's style is certainly more eclectic than the first, but her use of large silver hoop earrings is an excellent addition to the deep navy blue pants and the buttons on the washed out denim jacket. The silver hoops are also a great pairing with the wintry setting in the background.

This final look is definitely the most casual of three. The girl looks effortless and very comfortable in the standard t-shirt. The lenseless glasses and the leather headband add to the whimsical and free-spirited look. The hoop earrings are a subtle accessory to the style, yet their presence does not go unnoticed as they hang freely and effortlessly beneath the "just-enough" styled hair.

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