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  • Taking a break can be good for the soul

    I just got back from a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Having lived in center city Philadelphia for the past ten years, it was a refreshing break to be in such a different environment for almost a week. Looking out on long expanses of wilderness, bordered by tall, craggy mountains, was a completely different horizon to gaze upon than the high rise buildings and concrete highways that I normally see in my everyday life.

    And then there’s that feeling of “being unplugged” that we hear about. While I packed for my trip last week, I wondered if it was possible for me to do that…..and it turned out to be quite possible. I only worked on email a couple of times for about an hour each time and it felt really good.

    Hannah Connorton of National Jeweler wrote recently about The Benefits of Taking a Break which I read this morning on my first day back in the office. She espouses that taking a break can re-energize us and “stepping away from work is good for the soul.”

    I couldn’t agree more! How about you?



    PS Here’s a photo of me on top of the very steep Rendezvous Mountain that I hiked with 4 friends. I’m now “bonded for life” with them from that exhausting experience!



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