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Thanks to the massive selection of products on the internet, we have all pretty much turned into comparison shoppers.  Before I make a buying decision, I like to quickly do a search across the rest of the web to make sure that I am getting the best price possible on what I buy.  Out of curiosity, I decided to do a little comparison shopping on silver hoop earrings just to show you how we stack up against the "other guys".

I compared prices on our large silver hoop earrings (which is 1 1/2 inch or 40mm), versus silver hoop earrings of the same size and weight from the internet super-store Amazon as well as from the popular jewelry retailer Blue Nile.  Here is what I found:

The silver hoops from BlueNile were the most expensive at $46 for the pair. BlueNile does offer free shipping, but even with the free shipping their hoops still have the highest price.  Keep reading to find out why...

The large silver hoops from Amazon.com cost $10 less than the BlueNile hoops, coming in at $36.30.  However, because these hoop earrings are not sold by Amazon directly, they are not eligible for any Amazon Prime or free shipping deals.  By the time you buy them, they will end up costing you $40+.

The large silver hoops from us here at Looptyhoops cost only $31!!! This is the lowest price of all three.  If you chose to buy just this pair of hoops, you would have to pay for shipping (shipping is free on orders of $75+).  Standard shipping costs just $8, bringing the total cost of our silver hoops to $39 - which is still less than both Amazon and BlueNile.

So, the next time you think you are going to get the best deal at Amazon because they are the biggest, or because BlueNile has been specializing in jewelry for such a long time - think again.  Do a little comparison shopping here at LooptyHoops, and see just how well our prices on hoop earrings stack up - I bet you will consistently find that your prices beat the other guys, and we like to think that our service will rival them as well.  

If you don't feel like doing the comparison shopping yourself, send us a note via our contact form and we will compile a few different options for you!

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