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  • How to Choose Hoop Earrings that are Safe for Work

    I have been an executive coach working with company presidents for over 12 years.  Because I believe in the power of being coached, I hired a professional coach for myself, too.   Someone to help me know how best to get in front of prospective clients and “close them”.  During one of our sessions, my coach gave me a few tips on how to dress for a prospective client meeting. 

    She said, “You don’t want anyone thinking about what you can do for them, except how you can help them in business.” 

    She was referring to making sure my dress was sharp and professional without being alluring or distracting.  That meant everything from my suit to my blouse, to my shoes and my purse or briefcase.  It also included my earrings. 

    Having recently founded LooptyHoops.com, an online store featuring exclusively hoop earrings, I’m often asked about for tips on wearing hoop earrings in a professional setting.  Included below are six suggestions for wearing hoop earrings in the corporate world.

    1. Wear the real stuff – make it real gold, yellow or white or well-made silver.  The funky feathery hoops or "Basketball Wives" styles should be left for the weekend or out with friends. 
    2. In the past, it’s been suggested to wear white metal if your skin is “cool tone” and yellow if your skin tone is “warm”, although today you can switch these up and choose a color that goes well with your outfit instead.
    3. Make it a well-suited match - something that goes with your outfit, and doesn’t stand out or distract from your overall look.
    4. It’s okay for your hoops to augment your strong look by choosing a medium or smaller and wider look, something not weak, flimsy or with too much movement.  When in doubt, go smaller in diameter.
    5. You can wear diamond hoops if your suit is formal or the dress is high end. However, diamonds are generally are reserved for nicer events.
    6. For your own comfort, choose a hoop earring with a click down clasp so that when you hold a phone up to your ear, it moves easily in your lobe and does not poke the side of your neck like a post might.

    The guidelines for wearing hoop earrings in a professional setting can, and will, differ based upon the industry in which you work.  For example, it may be more accepted to wear a pair of funky/fashion hoop earrings if you work for a fashion retailer or publication.  However, for consultative and other office work, adhering to these suggestions allow your your hoop earrings to augment your look and broadcast your mentality of confidence, strength, and success.


    Susan Smith is an executive coach for Vistage International and recently founded LooptyHoops, an online store devoted to adorning women everywhere with beautiful hoop earrings. There are over 1100 styles to choose from, all at excellent prices with your satisfaction guaranteed.  

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