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  • LooptyHoops Valentine's Day Shopping Guide for Men

    1. Buy Jewelry

    The most important thing to remember when giving a Valentine’s Day gift is to show your special someone that you put some effort into the gift. Flowers are nice, but every woman knows it only takes a phone call plus they are gone in a week. Women like chocolates, but all of us know we shouldn’t eat more than one every day or two, so how much fun is that? A gift of jewelry, on the other hand, shows you cared enough to spend some time, make a little effort and choose a gift that will last a lifetime….one that will serve as a wardrobe accessory forever.

    2. Buy Earrings. 

    Why? Most women wear earrings and they can all use additional ones.

    3. Buy Hoop Earrings. 

    Almost everyone loves hoops and most women own hoop earrings so it’s proof that it’s a good bet for style, not to mention that hoops are one of the fastest emerging fashion trends of the year.

    4. Choose the size of hoop that is most like the style she currently wears. 

    If you do this, she’s bound to think you notice things about her and you have good taste. If you haven’t noticed what size she wears, then choose under an inch for a very conservative look, about an inch for a traditional women who is often fashion forward, and over an inch if you consider her hip, trendy, or fashion forward.

    5.  Wrap the hoops and present them with romance. 

    This is the part that’s most important. Say something sweet and romantic and nice when you present them….how much she means to you, how glad you are that she’s the woman in your life, your life partner, your soulmate, your best friend. Say it something like this…”I’m giving you these heart hoop earrings so you’ll know I always carry you in my heart because you are the love of my life forever,” or if they are diamond earrings, something like, “These diamonds sparkle with the same brilliance and vitality that you bring to my life!” Trust me, she’ll remember that exact sentiment far longer than a fresh flower lasts! And since every piece of jewelry tells a story, your sentiments are the story she will pass on to friends and family as she cherishes the gift you chose for her. 

    (PS -  If you choose hoops from LooptyHoops, you will get the hoops already gift-wrapped! There is nothing more for you to do,but  present them to your special someone!)

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