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You know I love being productive with my time! That’s why when I work out, I like to couple it with learning. The other day I was listening to a podcast and I thought I would send you a list of the podcasts that I enjoy learning from while I work out or take long walks. 

Harvard Business Review Idea Cast - This is about a 15 minute interview with business thought leaders, authors, or famous people.  I heard Kareem Abdul Jabbar speak on teamwork, for instance.

Entrepreneural Thought Leaders by Stanford University - This is a 45 minute presentation made by entrepreneurs with leading edge technologies, or venture capitalists, talking about what they look for in companies they invest...or any number of business topics by leaders.

Square 2 Marketing - Short interviews on current marketing principles.

NPR: Story of the Day - This is only good if you download regularly and listen right away, otherwise the news gets old.

Learn Italian - These are about 10-20 minute lessons, the best ones I have found for Italian learning.

Mariners Church - These are the sermons of my pastor from the church I attended when I lived in California for 20 years.

Which podcasts do you listen to?  I would love to be turned on to some new, good ones - please let me know...send me an email at

How to download and subscribe to podcasts

1.      Go to and download iTunes

2.      Proceed with the iTunes installation and open the program on your computer.

3.      Find the podcast you want by typing its name into the “Search Store” bar near the top right corner.

4.      Or, go to website of the podcast and click the “Subscribe” button. This will automatically transfer the podcast to iTunes.

5.      To see your podcasts, near the top left corner of the screen, under “Music,” you should see “Podcasts.” Click that and the podcasts will open on the main part of the screen.

6.      Connect your mp3 player to your computer. It should be automatically detected by iTunes.

7.      Once connected, your mp3 player will show up on the left part of the screen.

8.      To transfer your podcasts to your mp3 player, highlight the podcasts you'd like to transfer. Left-click and drag them over the name of your mp3 player and release.

9.      The transfer will begin.

10. Once completed, “eject” your mp3 player from your computer.

11. Disconnect your player from your computer and enjoy!


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