How to Travel with Hoop Earrings

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The most likely way that hoop earrings, or any jewelry for that matter, might be damaged is when you travel. With hoops, it's important to separate each one from the other and surround each individual hoop with a soft material. Then take the separately wrapped hoops and put them both in a small cardboard or metal box to carry in your purse or in your suitcase. This will protect them from other objects damaging them.

The most dangerous way to travel with hoop earrings is to place them loose in your change purse (almost guaranteed to damage them!) or in a side pouch in your purse. Everything else that is carried in that purse is bound to push up against the earring and since the earring is either hollow or somewhat thin, it can be damaged easily. 

If you find you are caught without packing supplies or jewelry boxes, take each hoop and wrap it with a couple tissues, making it bulky and round around each hoop. Remember not to pack the hoops next to each other in the same tissue or they can damage each other! Then put the very puffy hoop earring “tissue packages” inside a sandwich bag and put it as high up in your purse as possible so things aren’t lying on the package.

Sorry to say it but hotel rooms are a common place to either misplace your jewelry (by putting it in some “hidden place” and then forgetting it) or have it stolen because you left it out exposed. Always use the room safe and if the hotel doesn’t provide them, ask to keep your valuables in the safe deposit box behind the front desk. If you must hide your hoops, tell your companion where and to remind you or send yourself an email or text about it!

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