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  • How to Protect Your Hoop Earrings

    Tip #1: Because gold and silver are soft metals, it’s important to protect your hoop earrings from any kind of pressure that might cause your hoops to be dented or bent. This is unlikely to happen while they are in your ears, although it could happen while you sleep. It’s always best to remove your earrings before going to bed. Put them on the night stand or in a special jewelry dish by your bathroom sink. Or, of course, put them away in your jewelry box. 


    Tip #2: When wearing hoop earrings, put them on after you have applied your hair spray. If your earrings are already on when you want to apply hair spray, put your hand over your earrings so the sticky residue of the hair spray doesn’t get on the earring. 


    Tip #3: If you apply sunscreen or foundation, be sure not to get it on the earring. If you put your earrings on after you put your lotion on, wipe your hands first so that the residue of the lotion doesn’t get on the earring and dull the shine. If the earrings aren’t solid gold, the material they are made of could possibly react to the chemicals in your lotions. 


    Tip #4: If your earring has a click-down clasp, be sure you feel a tight click when you put them on or else that area might need to be tightened. If it's loose, use needle-nose pliers to very gently tighten the clasp, checking with each tightening, if you have it tight enough. Don’t overdo it! It might be hard to loosen again. 


    Tip #5: If your hoop earring attaches to your ear with a post and an earring back, that back should always feel tight to you when it goes on. There should be a little ridge toward the end of the post to help “catch” the earring back if it is about to fall off. If the back has loosened, you can use needle-nose pliers to tighten the two “loops” on the back so it won’t fall off the post. Call me if you need help with it!

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