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  • LooptyHoops Gives Peace a Chance with New Peace-Inspired Hoop Earring Collection

     PHILADELPHIA – June 20, 2013

    In celebration of the 55th anniversary of the peace symbol this year, LooptyHoops has announced a new collection of hoop earrings that celebrate the peace symbol.

    The inspiration behind the collection began when Susan Smith, founder and president of LooptyHoops, was reading Stephen King’s Hearts in Atlantis. In it, King described how one group of college students first saw an odd symbol they described as looking like a large sparrow track drawn on the back of the raincoat of a disabled student. Curious, Smith began to look further into the origination of the peace symbol.

    She learned how originally the symbol was designed by artist and designer Gerard Holthom for a march in the UK that was supported by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). He took the naval semaphore flag language and superimposed the symbol for N and D for Nuclear Disarmament and then ran a circle around it to symbolize “total.”

    But how did the peace symbol come to the US? And the world beyond? Smith found that there was a young 19 year old college student at the University of Chicago, Philip Altbach, who traveled to the UK conference as a representative from his campus Student Peace Union at the invitation of the CND. Smith found Altbach, a professor at Boston College, and he explained to her what happened next.

    Altbach loved the symbol and thought it would be a good one for his Student Peace Union to accept as their symbol. He explained, “I stuck a bunch of them in my pocket, these little pins” and brought them back to the national SPU headquarters in Chicago and said to his colleagues, “This is really nice. It’s simple, people can draw it, and it has a meaning…” and finally convinced the SPU to accept it as their peace symbol. They almost didn’t! They began printing the symbol on buttons, handing them out and selling them and the “rest is history.” Now, Altbach told Smith, he occasionally ends a lecture letting his students know it was he who first brought the peace symbol to the US and joked that he doesn’t think they are impressed.

    “I was fascinated by the story and this iconic symbol known worldwide. Of course, peace has always been important to many, many people worldwide but it seems particularly important to young people in crisis-ridden countries around the world. It seems more and more young people are focused on peace,” said Smith. “So with LooptyHoops, we created a collection so that people can express who they are and what their ideals are through their choice of a hoop earring featuring the peace symbol. It was tough to find one just the right style and size, so I designed one as well.”

    A portion of all sales from the LooptyHoops collection will be donated to the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker organization that promotes lasting peace with justice, as a practical expression of faith in action. "This organization was chosen because Mr. Altbach suggested it as one he has supported over his lifetime, and I wanted to honor his connection with them over the years,” Smith said.

    The collection, which can be seen here, includes hoop earrings and hoop earring charms, all inspired from the peace symbol.

    For more information on LooptyHoops and their huge selection of hoop earrings, log onto www.looptyhoops.com, or call (917)-310-HOOP (4667).

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    LooptyHoops (www.looptyhoops.com) is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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