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Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend with 15% off your next order! Use discount code MEMORIAL at checkout today to save!
Get the Look | Model & Celebrity Style Hoops

Get the Look | Model & Celebrity Style Hoops

Have you ever seen a celebrity and thought, “I really want those hoops”? We know we have! But celebs usually wear designer brands that us regular folk can’t quite afford. LooptyHoops wants to help you snag celebrity style without breaking the bank. Here are 6 celebs, and hoops from us that will help you get their look, all under $500.

I wanna look like… Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber is famous for rocking hoops all the time. Whether she’s out on the town or at a red carpet, Hailey’s hoops sparkle. Her huge, thick-tubed hoops are especially popular, as thick hoops of all sizes are super trendy this year.

We suggest… 14k Yellow Gold Lightweight Hoop Earrings (4mm), 65mm diameter

These beautiful yellow gold hoops are fashionable and comfortable. They have a hollow tube, which allows them to remain lightweight despite being made of fine, 14 karat gold. This also makes them more affordable. The 65 millimeter, 0r 2.5 inch, diameter is large, but manageable, and will help you achieve a look similar to Hailey’s without dropping thousands.

I wanna look like… Zendaya

Zendaya is a fashion maven. Her recent collaboration with the brand BooHoo is full of amazing, 70s retro-inspired pieces. Her photoshoot for the release was gorgeous, and featured her in a pair of super thin, super sleek hoops paired with multiple looks. It’s versatility you can’t beat! 

We suggest… Sterling Silver Hinged Continuous Endless Hoop Earrings,1.2mm Tube, 40mm diameter

These sterling silver hoops are pretty ingenious. They have a “hidden” hinged closure, which means they go on similar to a classic, click-down hoop. This is great for those who want the sleek, endless hoop look but are intimidated or confused about how to put them on. The thinness of the tube adds to the slick look, and the medium-sized diameter makes this hoop extra versatile, perfect for day or night.

I wanna look like… Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia may be young, but she can set trends with the best of them. The “Driver’s License” singer was featured on the cover of Elle in May and she was stunning. Her little hoops really caught our eye. They might be small, but they perfectly complemented the creative looks in her photoshoot, adding shine to the many textures and layers.

We suggest… 14k White Gold Endless Hoop Earrings (3mm), 20mm diameter

If you want the sleek look of endless hoops with a thick tube, these are for you. They might be small, but they can still make a big statement. White gold complements many a look, so if you want a pair of beautiful and versatile small hoops like Olivia’s, check these out.

I wanna look like… Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is another modelling beauty known for her hoops. She’s often seen out on the town in beautiful hoops that accentuate her fabulous street style. What caught our eye was this 2017 Nike shoot showing off the Air Force 1 capsule collection. These medium-tubed hoops are eye-catching, yet simple, and bring some classic shine to this athletic outfit.

We suggest… Sterling Silver Thick Rhodium-Plated Click-Down Hoop Earrings (3mm), 60mm diameter

This is one of those hoops that’s large, but not too large. Like Bella’s hoops they have a thicker tube, and the 60mm diameter is big without getting in your way. They’re plated with rhodium, which gives them an extra high-shine finish. These will catch everyone’s eye, just like Bella’s!

I wanna look like… Jeon Jungkook

You know we wouldn’t forget about our guys! Jungkook and his fellow BTS members are well known for sporting hoops and other earrings. They show up in photoshoots and on the red carpet. These small hoops are just one of many pairs we’ve seen him in. They’re small and understated, which works well for this muted look.

We suggest… Small 14K White Gold Endless Hinged Huggie Hoop Earrings, .60 In (15mm) (2.5mm Tube)

These white gold huggie hoops make a great staple in anyone’s wardrobe. The 15 millimeter diameter is small, but the 2 millimeter tube makes sure there's plenty of shine. Just like Jungkook’s, you can pair these with anything. Huggie hoops are very popular with men right now, but they look good on everyone!

I wanna look like… Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has been setting trends for over a decade now. We came across her April 2017 Vogue shoot and fell in love with her huge hoops, and we know you have too. These are paired with elegant dresses and edgy leather jackets, showing how chic they are with any outfit.

We suggest… Sterling Silver Rhodium-plated 5mm Round Hoop Earrings, 50mm diameter

Thick click-down hoops are super fashionable right now. These hoops are made of nickel-free sterling silver and plated with rhodium for extra high shine. The 50 millimeter diameter isn’t too big, which makes them very versatile. They’ll add flash to any outfit, just like Selena’s, for under $100!

We hope you liked our affordable dupes for these celebrity hoops! Browse our website for even more celebrity-worthy styles. Be sure to check out our Model Inspired Hoops collection for more hoops you may have seen on your faves, and our Current Hot Trends in Hoops blog post for our most popular styles. Thanks for reading!

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