Ever wonder about the origin of the peace symbol? Well, so did our founder, Susan Smith. Susan has always liked the look and meaning of the peace symbol, but became especially interested after reading Stephen King's book, Hearts in Atlantis.

In the book, King portrays the first time it was seen worn on the back of a college student’s trench coat and noted how the students thought it resembled a “sparrow track." Susan started to do some research and discovered Philip Altbach, the man credited with bringing the peace symbol to the United States in 1960. Susan interviewed Mr. Altbach and decided to feature the peace symbol here at LooptyHoops to celebrate the symbol's 55th anniversary.

After curating a collection of peace symbol earrings and charms, Susan was unable to locate the style that she had been looking for, so she designed it herself. You can find it here for $49 (regularly $79) while supplies last.

In addition, your purchase from the Peace Symbol Collection will come with a free necklace and peace charm pendant that is shown here, one per customer.

All charms are sold in sets of two and can dangle from a hoop earring of your choice. Please contact us if you would like to order a single charm.

A portion of the proceeds will go directly to the American Friends Service Committee.