14k White Gold Textured Twisted Oval Hoop Earrings (4mm), 2 inch (51mm)

  • $245

Want to bring out your inner-Cleopatra? The texture of these earrings evokes the richness of ancient times with the contemporary style of white gold.  This textured earring was designed and created in Italy.  These earrings undulate, they twist, they just don't sit still. 

Are you a woman on the go and want your femininity to show while you are moving?  Then these earrings are your answer.  Their hollow construction helps keep them light on your ear as well as your wallet.  The clasp is that easy click-down style which will help the earrings to go on easily, and once on, be very comfortable to wear.  

  • Material: 14k White Gold
  • Length:  2.1 inches (54mm)
  • Width:  0.15 inches (4mm)
  • Tube Thickness: 4mm
  • Weight: 2.20 grams

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