12 Essential Hoop Earring Styles

Hoop earrings are perhaps the quintessential piece of jewelry.  They transcend fashion trends, time, stereotypes, and personal style.  The hoop earring is a truly ubiquitous piece of jewelry.  At the very least, every woman has at least one pair of hoops.  Showcased below, you will find the 12 essential hoop earrings.  We believe that these 12 different styles of hoops belong in every woman's jewelry box.  Each one of these essentials is the perfect piece for a different occasion.  Simply click on the hoop to get more information or to purchase a pair.

This can be a “ go-to” pair to wear comfortably with just about anything. In fact, you ought to even have a couple sizes of this style, primarily medium to large in size. And if you normally wear yellow gold, it’s still a good idea to have one pair in white gold. If you normally wear white gold, yes, you ought to have at least one pair in yellow. Choose from:


Choose a small to medium size bold wide hoop earring to go perfectly with your professional attire. Want to look sharp, smart, and strong at the office or for a business meeting? This look says it all. It accentuates these features in you without being distracting. Choose from Bold 7.75mm Wide Hoops or Wide Yellow Gold Hoop Earring for yellow gold accessories; for white metal, choose Rounded Hinged Silver Hoop or White Gold Hinged Hoop Earring. If you want both options in the same earring, try Wide Two-Tone Gold Hinged Hoops!



Choose an undulating shape or an oval shape to bring a bit of movement to your look.




A hoop earring with a pattern to it: Bring a unique connection or complement to your outfit by having a hoop earring on hand that has a pattern to it.



You need  something to bring some whimsy to your outfit. These hoop earrings create a fun look, letting passers-by know just how much fun the wearer is too!



6. A hoop with a twist: Twisted Hoop Earrings are a perfect blend of classic chic fashion and fun. 




Diamond hoops are a must-have for those special dress-up occasions!



Get the look of diamonds and white gold without the price tag.  No one has to know that they are actually cubic zirconia set in sterling silver.


Tie together the colors of your outfit and accessories with the dazzle of colored gemstones or unusual metals.


If you are the type that likes to put on a pair of hoop earrings and wear them almost 24/7, then the endless wire hoop style is for you. They are light, comfortable, showcase a truly endless circle design.


From the design desk of Oliver Smith Jeweler, we are able to bring you a unique collection of hoop earring charms.  Choose a small hoop in white, yellow, or rose gold, (or even silver), with or without diamonds, and then add your own unique flair to it with a pair of charms.  The charms come in a variety of different design patterns from floral and whimsical, to medieval and classical.


Add a bit of depth and feel to your look with different patterns and textures on your hoop earrings.