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14K Rose Gold Wide Tube Hoop Earrings w/ Flat Interior, .60 In (15mm) (4.75mm Tube)


Want a classic rose gold hoop that has a bit more presence? These .80 inch tube hoop earrings are the perfect choice. Just the right size, with a bold 4.75mm tube width, they are a perfect addition to every hoop lover’s collection. Their timeless shape will let you wear them anywhere, while their thicker width is sure to get you noticed.  Light, comfortable, and easy to wear, these warm, rose gold tube hoop earrings will be the best choice you’ve made yet!

These tube hoop earrings are 14k rose gold. They are NOT plated, but have a pure gold body with a hollow interior. Every hoop comes with an authenticated 14k stamp.

  • Material: 14K Rose Gold
  • Length: .60 inch (15mm)
  • Weight: 1.11 grams