14k Yellow Gold Inside/Outside Diamond Hinged Hoop Earrings, All Sizes

  • $849

Experience the luxury of rich 14k yellow gold and strikingly clear and radiant diamonds with this sparkling pair of hoop earrings. The hinged design makes the hoop extremely easy to put on and remove. These hoops are available in multiple sizes, each with a different total weight of diamonds. Choose your preferred size in the drop-down box below.

  • Material: 14k Yellow Gold
  • Sizes:
    0.7 inches (18mm) (0.25 ctw.)
    0.8 inches (20mm) (0.50 ctw.)
    0.9 inches (23mm) (0.75 ctw.)
    1.1 inches (27mm) (1 ctw.)
    1.4 inches (35mm) (3 ctw.)
    1.6 inches (40mm) (5 ctw.)
  • Weight: 3.89g to 15.68 grams

Note:  These hoops also come in 18k White Gold and 14k White Gold.

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