Handmade Medium 24k Yellow Gold-Plated Cut-Out Cuff Bracelet w/Silver Wire Accents, 27mm

  • $49
  • Save $30

This eye-catching gold-plated cuff bracelet features a cut-out section spanned by twin Sterling Silver wires. Lightweight and comfortable, the cuff slips on with little effort and stays securely on your wrist, shining in gold and silver with a light matte finish.

This nickel-free cuff bracelet has a brass base with 24k yellow gold-plating and Sterling Silver wire accents. We recommend using Tarn-X to clean this item, but never use a polishing cloth on items with a matte finish, as it will remove the finish. Made in America.

  • Estimated Diameter (longest length): 62mm (2.44 inch)
  • Estimated Thickness: 0.8mm (0.03 inch)
  • Estimated Width: 27mm (1.18 inch)

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