Handmade Sterling Silver Unique Looping-Sling Wire Hoop Earrings w/Hook Clasp, 35mm

  • $49
  • Save $30

The Sterling Silver wire of this hoop earring circles around and then circles back on itself, creating a unique visual as multiple “hoops” flare out at the bottom of the single hoop. The earring slides through the ear, secured in the back with a plastic stop. Intriguing and unique, and the perfect addition to your hoop collection.

These nickel-free earrings are Sterling Silver with a Sterling Silver hook wire. Made in America.

  • Estimated Earring Length: 35mm (1.38 inch)
  • Estimated Earring Width (widest point of flare): 11mm (1.02 inch)
  • Estimated Wire Thickness: 0.7mm (0.03 inch)

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