Handmade Yellow Gold-Filled Dangling Double-Hoop Earrings w/Hook Clasp, 58mm

  • $49
  • Save $30

Two golden hoops dangle wildly from these gold-filled double-hoop earrings! The first hoop dangles directly from the clasp, while the second hoops dangles further below from a golden rod. These twin hoops are topped with an easy-to-insert hook. Double your fun with these dangling double-hoop hoops!

These nickel-free earrings are 12k yellow gold-filled with a 14k yellow gold-filled hook wire, which means the indicated gold has been fused to a base metal. Made in America.

  • Estimated Earring Length (w/o clasp): 58mm (2.28 inch)
  • Estimated Diameter: 32mm (1.26 inch)
  • Estimated Wire Thickness: 0.7mm (0.03 inch)

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