Stainless Steel Amalfi Twisted Chocolate Hoops w/Click-Down Clasp (6.3mm Tube), 45mm

  • $29
  • Save $25

We found this earring hidden in a drawer during our recent move. At first ,we thought/hoped they were haunted earrings from ghostly jewelers. Then, with the help of living jewelers, we identified them as a pair of discontinued Immerse-Plated Stainless Steel Amalfi Twisted Hoops - so no ghosts.

Surprisingly light-weight considering their size and volume, these chocolate-colored stainless steel hoops make a definite statement. And now that they are no longer available, this pair is a collector's item.

  • Metal: Immerse-Plated Stainless Steel
  • Estimated Diameter: 45mm (1.78 inches)
  • Estimated Thickness: 6.3mm (0.24 inches)
  • Clasp: Click-In Clasp (latches at a slightly different angle than a traditional click-down clasp)


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