• 14k White Gold In & Out Diamond Hoop Earrings, All Sizes

  • $789

  • Description

    Enjoy the richness and clarity of diamonds paired with the elegance and shine of 14k white gold. Choose from 3 different sizes and total weight of diamonds using the drop-down box below.  Diamonds are on the inside of the back hoop, too, so you see all diamonds from the front when you are wearing them. 

    • Material 14K White Gold
    • Size:
      0.9 Inches (22.71mm) (0.25ctw.)
      1.1 inches (27.65mm) (0.50ctw.)
      1.3 inches (33.34mm) (1.00ctw.)
    • Weight: 2.31 grams - 4.45 grams