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How does your jewelry reflect who you are?

Your jewelry choice reflects your style just as much as your choice of clothing! Here are some tips to help you make jewelry choices that match your sense of style plus hints at what’s trending right now in the world of hoop fashion!

If you lean towards a traditional, classic, or more conservative wardrobe, your jewelry should be tailored with clean, simple lines.  Diamond studs or simple hoop earrings are best. The hoops should be a bit wider and hugging the earlobe, an inch or smaller. If you like a larger hoop, make sure to get thinner ones - a large, thin hoop fits nicely with a classic, tailored wardrobe as well!


If you have a more fashion-forward closet, your hoops should be big and bold to match, but not too big! One to two inches is best. Textured hoop earrings are good - flat, twisted, hammered...the list goes on! The perfect accessory to a stylish outfit.

Maybe you’re more of the bohemian your closet full of prints and long, flowing skirts? If so, add some unique hoops to your jewelry collection. Ones with an unusual shape..... like stars, hearts, flowers, and teardrops! Or hoops with color - chocolate or rose-plated hoops are fashionable, as are beaded or jeweled hoops.

I hope these tips help you as your put together your shopping lists for the holiday season...we at LooptyHoops have separate collections for these three styles to make your shopping quick and easy!


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