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Our Values

Our Mission:  Adorning People Everywhere with Beautiful Fine Jewelry
Our Vision:  To be known by many women and men as a place to come to easily sort through a huge selection of hoop earrings, finding the perfect one for them...again and again.
Our Values:
    1. Customer Entitlement. You are entitled to be greeted with an attitude of “yes” by us. You deserve to be treated the way we would want to be treated as a customer. 
    2. Sense of Urgency. You want us to have a sense of urgency in responding to your order you place and to be in communication with you as your new jewelry makes its way to you. You will be reassured that your order is progressing well and that your jewelry will arrive in a timely and smooth manner. 
    3. Add a Little “WOW”. You’ll feel a little “wow” or delight at unexpected times.  (Hint: Keep an eye out for surprises in the box with your order!!) 
    4. Help Others Out.  We want the sale of our jewelry to bond us with our customers as together we use some of the proceeds to help others out.