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  • Men's Huggie Hoops
    September 6, 2021

    Men's Huggie Hoops

    Huggie Hoops are one of the strongest trends in jewelry right now. They are becoming increasingly popular with men, replacing diamond studs as the fashionable men’s earring. Even celebrities are getting in on the look. What is it that makes huggies so desired?
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  • Celebrating Our Ten Year Anniversary!
    June 9, 2021

    Celebrating Our Ten Year Anniversary!

    While we have expanded and grown over the years, is the heart of our business. On our website, we are able to communicate with you directly and help answer any questions, or even help you find the perfect pair of hoops! 
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  • The Perfect Gift for Any Graduate
    May 19, 2021

    The Perfect Gift for Any Graduate

    The graduating class of 2021 deserves an extra special celebration to commemorate their achievements in their academic career, especially from the past year! Celebrate and recognize your graduate this year by giving them a traditional gift of meaningful and lasting jewelry.
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