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How To Put on Hoops

LooptyHoops has a lot of hoops, and a lot of different closures. Choosing which clasp you want can be confusing, especially when confronted with one you’ve never seen. We’re here to help you learn how to use each type of our most popular clasps to find what you are looking for!

Click-Down Clasp

You’ve seen this closure before. The click-down is the most common type of clasp for hoop earrings, and the most durable. To put it on, you simply slide the post into your piercing, then click it down into the claw at the back. These hoops are very secure and extremely easy to put on!  View how to close your click down hoop in our video!


Endless hoops are super sleek and fashionable, but this closure can be very confusing to put on. It consists of a curved post that inserts into the hollow tube of the hoop. We’ve made a helpful guide to putting on this hoop complete with videos. The hard work is worth it in the end for a hoop that’s as beautiful as it is secure.  Watch this video to learn how to properly secure your endless hoops!

Hinged Huggie

The hinged huggie hoop is one of our most popular styles, and its clasp is a big reason why. It features a straight post that inserts similar to an endless hoop. The hinge and clasp are located inside of the hoop to have the post completely hidden when in your ear.  To put on a pair of huggie hoops, you gently push down on the post and pull apart to open, and then once in your ear, you simply push the post into the opposite end to lock it into place!  These hoops are extremely easy to put on and take off.  Check out our video to learn more about huggie hoops and how to use them!



We hope this guide helped you choose the perfect closure. Please check out our Amazing Hoops collection to see tons of our favorite styles and filter them by clasp. Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!