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Helpful Tips to Prevent Losing Your Hoops

Helpful Tips to Prevent Losing Your Hoops

Have you ever looked in the mirror and suddenly realized that your favorite pair of hoop earrings were not on your ears like you thought they were? So naturally, you start rummaging through everything in your house looking for them. You may look in your pants pockets, in your purse, next to your bed, etc., but they are still not showing up.

Unfortunately, jogging back your memory doesn't always work, especially when your memory leads you to think that the last place your earrings were, were on your ears. I remember early on one of my employees told me when I was looking everywhere for my car keys, "I always put my car keys in the same place, a pocket in my purse." So simple!  

My suggestion is to put your hoops in a jewelry holder or a jewelry box as soon as you take them off.  I have a little dish by my bathroom sink where I deposit them at the end of the day.  Then I put the original pair in my jewelry box when I go to look for a new pair to wear.  

Another good idea is a jewelry holder for your purse.That way your hoops stay protected if you have to take them off during the day.

If you start developing the habit of always putting your hoops in the same spot, you will have a much better chance of finding them there when you return.  

Don't lose your valuable hoops ever again!

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