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Holy Grail of Endless Hoop Earrings Discovered

Posted by Darren Roberts on

According to Vogue, updos and hoop earrings are back in style. American fashion models Emily Ratajkowski, Taylor Hill, Bella Hadid, and Lily Aldridge have all sported this high-profile look this summer, either in a big way or more subtly. But no matter what your style, endless hoop earrings come with a certain amount of stress! Even though you love to wear them, those endless hoops are a pain to put on. Until now. EasyOn Endless Hoops That Are Easy To Put On Are Game-Changer LooptyHoops.com is proud to present the EasyOn Endless Hoop. To the naked eye, they look like the...

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How To Fix Hoop Hinges That Won't Close

Posted by Admin Assistant on

Hinged hoop earrings are great--no clip to lose or misplace! But, after they are used for a while, they sometimes become loose and no longer "click" when they are closed. This is easy to fix by slightly bending the post. Here's how: The end of the earring's post has a small notch in it. This notch is designed to slide inside another notch which is cut into the opposite side of the earring (see photo), and when it does, you will hear a definite "click". Over time, though, the post can become bent slightly to one side, or upward, which...

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