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Small Sterling Silver Hinged Continuous Endless Hoop Earrings, 10mm, 1.25mm Tube


These may look like ordinary continuous endless hoop earrings, but their tiny wire build holds a convenient little secret: they’re actually hinged. You just pull the post up and away from the hoop, insert it in your ear easily, and then slip the post into the tube in the back of your ear. It’s what everyone wants yet they are so hard to find! This hinged continuous endless hoop earring combines the look of a traditional endless hoop with the easy-to-wear convenience of a hinged design. Measuring at just 10mm in diameter, these continuous endless hoop earrings are perfect for any type of piercing. Use for your various ear piercings, including lobe and helix, or be more adventurous and put a hoop in that nose or eyebrow piercing! With a 1.25mm wide tube, these continuous endless hoop earrings are simple, elegant, and timeless. Its continuous, streamlined design makes for extremely comfortable wear. Their small size also makes them great for children; an ideal starting pair of earrings. 

These continuous endless hoop earrings are made from 0.925 sterling silver. All sterling silver is nickel free, and great for sensitive skin. It is NOT plated, and has a hollow body. Each earring comes authenticated with a sterling silver stamp.

Please note: these continuous endless hoop earrings are very small. We have found this size is best suited for extra piercings, children, or people who prefer very, very small hoops. Because of their size, they can be difficult to initially put in the ear.

Material: Sterling Silver

Length Options: 10mm (.40 In)

Tube Width: 1.25mm

Closure: Hinged post with endless closure

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