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14k Rose Gold

At LooptyHoops, we offer a wide variety of hoop earrings in every size, style, and metal imaginable, but we’ve learned that people keep coming back to our rose gold collection. Rose gold hoop earrings are becoming sought after as an important addition to a woman’s jewelry collection! Feminine, strong, warm, and unique, rose gold is growing in popularity in jewelry today. How did rose gold become such a popular metal?

The earliest documented appearance of rose gold was in Russia in the early 1800s. The Russians were so fascinated with rose gold that it became the most popular metal used in jewelry making. For a long time, rose gold was referred to as “Russian gold” because Russia was one of the few countries using this metal.

Rose gold made its way to the United States in the Victorian era, but it didn’t make its mark in the United States until the 1920s. The Trinity de Cartier ring debuted in 1924, and with it came the rise of rose gold’s popularity. This ring features three bands – one yellow gold, one white gold, and one rose gold. Rose gold came to represent femininity and romance, and women began purchasing more and more rose gold jewelry.

Oddly enough, the love for rose gold’s feminine hue faded as suddenly as it began. During the art deco era, the cool colors of white gold and platinum overtook the warm yellow and rose gold. Since that time, rose gold has steadily made its way back to the forefront in the world of jewelry.

The recent rise in rose gold’s popularity has made other industries take notice. Apple recently announced their release of rose gold-colored iPhones, and they sold out within one day! Rose gold and copper-toned items have been popping up in the kitchen recently, like Martha Stewart’s cookware with copper accents and KitchenAid’s metallic mixer. These items are sure to add warmth to the room.

One of the reasons rose gold is so popular is because it is a subtler shade than white or yellow gold, meaning that it compliments most skin tones. Because of its subtlety, rose gold jewelry is perfect for day-to-night looks. Wearing rose gold jewelry can bring out your skin’s natural blush!

Similar to white gold, rose gold does not exist in a pure state. Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper. The copper is what gives rose gold jewelry its unique blush color. There are a few different shades of rose gold on the market. It all depends on the amount of copper in that particular item. If the rose gold is lighter in hue, that means there is more gold than copper. If the rose gold is darker in hue, that means there is more copper than gold. An easy way to remember the difference is that lighter rose gold items will have a higher karat value. If you prefer a lighter tone, look for a higher karat rose gold hoop earring!

Rose gold hoop earrings are the perfect accessory to stay on trend. We offer all sizes and styles here on Look through our collection of beautiful 14 karat rose gold hoops for your perfect pair. We guarantee you’ll love what you see!