14k Yellow Gold Endless Hoop Earrings (2mm), All Sizes

  • $75

Looking for something simple, elegant, and stylish, yet comfortable enough to wear every day? These 14k yellow gold endless hoops are for you then! Their continuous post design means once your put them on, you can be secure in knowing they will stay on throughout the day. And a hollow lightweight body means your ears will hardly notice they are even there! And who could go wrong with such a classic shape and size.

This is the perfect accessory for no matter what life throws at you. Jewelry shouldn’t slow you down, and these 14k yellow gold hoops in a variety of sizes are meant to last.Their thick bold tube is sure to provide a bit of oomph to your style, and a pair of these hoops could be your best friend. Your life is an adventure, and these hoops will make you look fabulous as you hike, work, travel, and dance your way through life.  

Choose from our many sizes.

  • Diameter: 0.5 inches (12mm), 0.6 inches (14mm), 0.7 inches (17mm), 0.9 inches (22mm), 1 inch (26mm), 1.4 inches (35mm),1.5 inches (38mm), 1.6 inches (41mm), 1.75 inches (45mm), 2 inches (52mm), 2.2 inches  (56mm), 2.4 inches (60mm)
  • Tube Thickness: 0.07 inches (2mm)
  • Closure: Endless
  • Weight: 0.61 GM, 0.70 GM, 0.86 GM, 1.2 GM, 1.42 GM, 1.7 GM, 1.95 GM, 2.21 GM, 2.54 GM, 2.91 GM, 2.86 GM, 3.27 GM

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