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14K Yellow Gold Thick Tube Hoop Earrings with Click-Down Clasp, (6mm Tube) 35mm

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These bold, beautiful earrings are over 1.37 inches in diameter (1.37 inches- 35mm) and are what many women want in a fashionable statement either for the office, or for night out activities. Classic and traditional. 14K Yellow Gold, not plated

The width of the earrings is a full 6mm and features a click-down clasp. This clasp is the easiest to put on. Be sure it clicks down - tips for caring for these earrings is included in each package. Once on, they are comfortable and secure.

Length: 35mm
Tube Width: 6mm
Weight: 7.62 Grams

We offer this same 6mm hoop available in a 45mm diameter!  Click here to view the details now.