• 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Click-down Hoop Earrings (3mm), All Sizes

  • $65

  • Description

    You'll feel fantastic as you wear these shimmering hoops which have diamond cuts around their width so they sparkle as the light reflects with your every move.  This is a dressy look, giving a little "icing on the cake" to your terrific outfit.

    These earrings come in larger sizes - Diamond Cut Medium Round Hoop Earrings or Diamond Cut Large Round Hoop Earrings.

    • Material: 14k Yellow Gold
    • Diameter: 0.6 inches (15mm), 0.75 inches (19mm), 1 inch (25mm), 1.1 inches (29mm), 1.3 inches (34mm), 1.6 inches (40mm), 1.8 inches (46mm), 2 inches (50mm), 2.2 inches (55mm), 2.4 inches (60mm), 2.6 inches (65mm)
    • Tube Thickness: 0.11 inches (3mm)
    • Closure: Click
    • Weight: 0.85 G