• Modern Peace Tile Charm for Hoop Earrings

  • $69

  • Description

    Go with a modern style and choose this fresh take on a classic symbol. Our Peace Tile Charm has a simple design, but its message is as meaningful as ever. What better way to show your support of world peace than with this lovely sterling silver charm that will dangle effortlessly from most hoop earrings?  We've chosen a simple, tailored one inch hoop that is a perfect size for it. You will receive one free boxed necklace and peace pendent as our thank you for your purchase of peace symbol earrings.

    • Length of tile: 13mm
    • Length of hoop:  1 inch

    Please note: These charms come on a 1 inch hoop earring that is 2mm wide and the price below includes it.  To see a photo of the hoop by itself, click here: simple sterling silver hoop earrings. The sizing photo below shows a heart charm, which is the same size as this peace charm.