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14k White Gold Satin Finish Diamond Cut Hoop Earrings (2mm), All Sizes


The satin finish and diamond cut design etched into this otherwise traditional tube earring, bring a playful, feminine touch to your wardrobe accessory.  For the business day or evening wear, this diamond cut hoop earring will bring out the princess in you. Available in 10 sizes from small to large.  These diamond cut hoop earrings are also available in 14K yellow gold.

  • Material: 14K White Gold
  • Diameter: 0.4 inches (11mm), 0.6 inches (15mm), 25mm(1 inch), 1.1 inches (29mm), 1.3 inches (34mm), 1.5 inches (37mm), 1.75 inches (45mm), 2 inches (50mm), 2.2 inches (55mm), 2.4 inches (60mm), 2.6 inches (65mm)
  • Length:   .6 inches (15mm)
  • Tube Thickness:  .07 inches (2mm)
  • Closure: Click
  • Weight: 0.66 grams, 0.83 grams, 1.02 grams, 1.46 grams, 1.82 grams, 2.15 grams, 2.24 grams, 2.50 grams, 2.65 grams, 3.10 grams, 3.33 grams

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