Handmade Sterling Silver Dangling Hoop-and-a-Half Hoop Earrings w/Hook Clasp, 47mm

  • $49
  • Save $30

These interesting, unique Sterling Silver hoop-and-a-half earrings will make you stand out in the crowd. A smaller half-hoop dangles delicately from a full 32mm hoop, which dangles from an easy-to-insert hook clasp, which then dangles from your ear – all the dangling you can handle! Make a statement and get noticed in these eye-catching hoop-and-a-half earrings!

These nickel-free earrings are Sterling Silver with a Sterling Silver hook wire. Handmade in America.

  • Estimated Earring Length (w/o clasp): 47mm (1.85 inch)
  • Estimated Diameter (largest hoop): 32mm (1.26 inch)
  • Estimated Wire Thickness: 0.7mm (0.03 inch)

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