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March makes me think of Diamonds....

If you think about it, there are no gift giving holidays in March, and not many wedding anniversaries, so for eight years, I went to Antwerp to buy diamonds for my clients.
Prior to my trip, I hosted diamond grading classes at my Irvine store location. Armed with my clients’ diamond requests, I looked through hundreds of diamonds in Antwerp to choose the perfect one for them. I always tried to bring them something just a little better than they expected for the same amount of money. 
Then I would take a side trip after buying....going to France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland .... someplace different each year....and many times traveling with different people, my mom once, my brother Oliver, my sister Cyndy, and some friends.
Those were good times.
I’m not traveling to Antwerp anymore but I still get asked to help friends with diamond purchases....engagement rings....anniversary gifts.....any special occasion.  It’s still fun and I love doing it.
Now I’m also helping with diamond hoop earrings.  Just last week one of my high school girlfriends asked me to find her a pair.  So we looked through the LooptyHoops site where there are several excellent choices.
If you need some clarity around the mystery of choosing a gift with diamonds, I would love to help you, too.
Warmest regards,


P.S. I searched for a photo of me in Antwerp, hunched over looking at diamonds with my jeweler's loupe, but they must be in a scrapbook in storage because that was a pre-digital time! So here I am with my "diamond computer" about 10 years ago.

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