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Introducing LooptyHoops' Concierge Service!

Introducing LooptyHoops' Concierge Service!

Do you have a friend or family member out of town that you would like to give a gift to but the shipping may cost more than the product and it almost doesn't seem worth it anymore? 

At LooptyHoops, we have a
Concierge Service for our customers that you can use today! Send a hoop earring gift to your loved one and don't worry about the gift wrapping and the shipping, because we will take care of it!

We'll even enclose a hand-written note to make the gift more personal. The best thing about these services are they are free! Don't feel like you need to wait six months to see somebody before you give them the gift; let us take care of it! 

It's our easy button for you!

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