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How can she be charmed?

If you are a women, you will probably want to forward this along to your special man so that you can give him a few hints for Valentine's Day. If you are a man, you will want to continue reading to get some ideas for your special lady so that she will be truly charmed.

Does your loved one already have her favorite set of hoops she wears everyday?

The answer is probably, yes.

If you are looking for an opportunity to surprise her and enhance her favorite pair of hoops, look no further.

You can romanticize those special hoops of hers with some of our heart-shaped charms to serve as a symbol of your love.

Below are three pairs of charms from which you can choose to show your love. To access more heart shaped charms, click


P.S. Hoop earrings are sold separately from the charms.

Classic Heart Charms 18K Yellow Gold: Diamond Weight: 0.15ctw
These sweet heart charms are the perfect gift for someone special.  They are absolutely stunning in 18K yellow gold. Pair them with one of our many diamond or simple gold hoops to complete the look.....or just add them to her yellow gold hoops she owns now!
Heart Charms & Hoop Earrings 14k White Gold:  Total Length: 25mm
Dangle these very sweet heart charms from her ears - perfect for your sweetheart on any occasion! This pair of heart charms comes set on a coordinating 14k White Gold hoop. The size is perfect to add a little whimsey without too much drama for only $138. 
Silver Floral Heart Charm: Size: 12mm
These Silver Floral Heart Charms are only $75! The heart has long been a symbol of friendship and love. The floral detailing at the center of the heart give this pair of charms a particularly whimsical feel, making them an excellent gift for those with an air for the spontaneity of romance.
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