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Are men starting to wear large hoops??

Who doesn't love guitarist Slash from the classic rock band Guns N' Roses? Recently, he was seen with his latest girlfriend Meegan Hodges at Disneyland where he was rockin a pair of large silver hoops. In the past, men have been known for wearing smaller hoops, but now Slash, among other men, are starting to bring forth the trend of wearing larger hoops. To see more hoops for men, view our men's collection.

Listed below are some hoops that are similar to the pair Slash wore; these hoops are great for both men and women! 

P.S. To see more on Slash wearing hoops, click here to read the article.


Whirlwind romance: The 49-year-old rocker is said to be getting serious with Meegan, with TMZ reporting they have moved in together and gotten matching tattoos



Sterling Silver Classic Largest 2mm Hoops

Sterling Silver Classic Largest 2mm Hoops

If you want the largest simple silver hoop earrings available, these are for you.  Snap them on with the easy click-down clasp which allows them to move slightly when you hold a phone up to your ear, making it the most comfortable ever type of earring. 


Lightweight Classic Large Hoop Earrings

Lightweight Classic Large Hoop Earrings

Our founder's choice, this is a classic hoop style that you can wear with everything.  It's lightweight so it costs less and it features that safe, click-down clasp that makes it so comfortable on the ear.  Hold a phone up to your ear in total comfort.  This style hoop earring is just what the "fashionistas" are talking about that everyone must have these days.


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Nurit Niskala - May 27, 2021

Nice to see the collection of men too. It was great.

Samson Mweta Mwamba - August 21, 2017

I really adimre them i like them so that i feel so good , walking in the street with them so nice i like earring and long hair.

Mike - May 16, 2017

I also love it wearing large silver hoops. My favorite hoops are about 3 inch, 85 mm.. But before I got comfortable wearing them, I let my hair grow. I never wanted long hair, but my passion for hoops and the idea that with short hair it looks stupid, it happened. When my hair reached my shoulders, I got very proud. More proud than of my hoop earrings. Long hair takes a lot of time and patience. But the combination of long hair and large hoops gives me the best feeling I ever had.

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