What Hoop Style/Color Flatters You?

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We know that pairing the right hoop to compliment your look--whether it be for work, a casual day of shopping or a night on the town--can be challenging. Too large hoops can be inappropriate, while too little can make your ensemble seem boring or incomplete. What may seem like a small detail - like color, size or design - can make a big difference to the look you envisioned in your head.  

Starting with an innate idea of what look you're going for will help you navigate LooptyHoops' growing collections with ease. We'd like to help you in your hoop search, so we've come up with a few style and color suggestions below to help with your day-to-day accessorizing.

In the Office

These Weave-Textured Sterling Hoop Earrings are the perfect blend of a fashion-forward and sophisticated look. At approximately the size of a quarter (25mm), this hoop is not too big or too small. The textured pattern will add just enough flare to your business-casual or laid back office look!

All of our hoop earrings are made from authentic sterling silver. Visit our "Sterling Silver" Collection here to learn more about this popular metal. Our stunning and affordable silver collection will not disappoint!

Saturday Errands

From the grocery store, to the kids' sports games, to a late lunch with friends, pair your sweatshirt and jeans with the Small Wide Huggie 14K White Gold Hinged Hoop. With a super easy hinged clasp, these sleek and comfortable hoops are one of our top selling styles this year.


A Night on the Town

A must! Large hoops! These 14K Yellow Gold Large Endless earrings will pair perfectly with dark washed jeans and heels or a neutral slip dress and a dark blazer. Available from 46mm (1.75 inches) to 65mm (2.5 inches), the continuous hoop will stay on as you dance the night away!




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