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  • How to Protect Your Jewelry When Traveling

    Here are some Do’s and Don’ts on Traveling Safely with Your Jewelry


    • Carry your jewelry in something that doesn’t scream “I’m a jewelry bag!”

    • Only take the minimum amount you need to wear with the wardrobe you are taking.

    • Lay out your jewelry before packing it and take a photo of it so you will have a record of what you are taking in case something is lost or stolen.

    • Put your jewelry in two or more different containers, not all in one bag.

    • Keep your jewelry in your hotel room safe, or if not provided, behind the front desk in a safe they provide for guests.

    • Put your ID inside your jewelry bag with “Return for Reward” written above your name and phone number.

    • Get your jewelry covered on your home owner’s insurance in case it’s lost, stolen or “mysteriously disappears,” which means you don’t know how it became missing.


    • Never open your jewelry bag in front of strangers to put something on or taking something off. In other words, don’t let strangers know you are carrying a bag of jewelry.

    • Don’t pack your jewelry in your suitcase. It’s an easy thing for people behind the scenes at the airport to steal and the airlines only cover up to about $500 worth of belongings in your suitcase and you will have to make a jewelry claim on your insurance if it’s lost with your suitcase.

    • Be careful not to pack it against something that might cause denting of the jewelry or other damage.

    • Don’t leave your jewelry in plain sight in your hotel room when not there.

    • Don’t leave your bags unattended when traveling. Take a breath before leaving an area and say, “Am I forgetting anything?”

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