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Holiday Glam: Earrings for Holiday Parties

Holiday Glam: Earrings for Holiday Parties

The holidays are here! Parties are finally making a comeback, and we know you’ll want to look your best. Here are five hoops from our collection that will provide plenty of glitter and glam this holiday season. From big diamond cut hoops to beautiful geometric pieces, you’re sure to shimmer and shine!

14K Yellow Gold Continuous Endless Diamond Cut Hoop Earrings, (1.25mm Tube), 58mm diameter

These endless hoops have both sparkle and shine. The diamond cut pattern sits against the backdrop of a satin finish, which gives it a unique texture. This is a more subtle style of diamond cut, but that doesn’t mean it won’t stand out. The hoop comes in sizes up to 58 millimeters, or 2.28 inches, which is what we suggest here. For a sleek, elegant look with lots of visual interest, these are the perfect pair!

14k Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Hoop Earrings with a Click-Down Clasp (3mm), 50mm to 65mm diameter

If you’re going for glittery, this is the pair for you! The thick tube of this hoop means more room for sparkle. This pair is perfect for a dressier look and will light up the night. We suggest the larger sizes, starting at 50 millimeters or 2 inches, for maximum glitter. These hoops also come in white gold, so they’ll match any look!

14k Yellow Gold Lightweight Tube Hoop Earrings (4mm), 2.5 inch diameter

This spin on the classic golden hoop is super trendy this year. With a 4 millimeter tube, at larger sizes this hoop is impossible to miss. The 2.5 inch diameter is great for someone who wants tons of shine. You’ll be model chic when you put these on. Check them out in white gold as well!

14K White Gold Oval Hoop Earrings w/ Square Tube, 2 In (52mm) (2mm Tube)

Geometric hoops are modern and cool, and ovals are a great way to get into the trend. These hoops have a square tube, which adds to their modern edge. The 52 millimeter, or 2 inch, length is new for 2021 and great for a flashier look. Pair these with a sleek outfit to add some sophisticated shine.

14k Yellow Gold Triangle Hoop Earrings, 50mm

This style is for the fashionistas out there. If you want to look runway ready, be sure to check out these triangular hoops. This earring is 2 inches, or 5 millimeters long, making it very visible. The triangular shape is super unique and will stand out amongst the crowd. This hoop is perfect for someone who loves to experiment with new shapes and styles.

We hope you loved these flashy hoops! If you’re looking for more, check out our Diamond Cut Hoops and Trending Hoops collections. Have fun at that holiday party, and thanks for reading!

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